Welcome to Iron Horse Amps

Master-crafted, all tube guitar amplifiers. Hand built in Tucson/Denver, USA with select components. Our passion - the pursuit of tonal excellence.

This website is dedicated to Dave Schecter
--who inspired a number of us to reach for what could be.

Joe Murphy and a CopperHead.

CopperHead Clean 01

CopperHead Crunch 01

The first three audio clips were produced with Joe Murphy’s PRS plugged directly into an Iron Horse Copperhead. “No digital or analog pedals were used or sacrificed in the recording of these clips.” Slight delay/reverb was added at the console.

The video clips are of an American Standard Strat plugged directly into an older Iron Horse Dragon with a recently installed test EFX send/return circuit. An Alesis Midiverb II provides the slight delay through the post preamp EFX loop. No distortion or fuzz pedals were used.

The video clips were recorded with an iphone 6 without editing and in the dining room of a 100 year old home.

What you hear is a “great guitarist, a great guitar, plugged into a great amp”™.

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